Somalia: PM in Kismayo to mend fractured ties with Jubbaland

Somalia – Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire on Monday arrived in the southern port city of Kismayo on his second visit to Jubbaland state since he came to office in February 2017, Garowe Online reports. The premiere accompanied by Ministers and army chiefs was given a rousing welcome when he arrived at the city’s Airport by Jubbaland president, Ahmed Madobe, State Assembly Speaker, VP, high-ranking officials, and a large crowd. During his visit, the prime minister is expected to hold talks with the regional state leaders, ministers and lawmakers to discuss ways to repair the strained relations between his government and Jubbaland. Jubbaland is set to go to the polls on August 2019. Candidates, including the current leader who is seeking re-election, are eyeing the top seat beside other contenders who are reportedly backing Farmajo’s government. The relations soured in September last year after the Federal Member States resolved to suspend relations with the central government, citing a lack of political and security progress in the Horn of Africa nation. The regional presidents criticized the central government for failing in the fight against Al-Shabab amid a standoff over the mechanism for sharing national resources, foreign aid to Somalia and the constitutional reviewing process. This was the latest political setback by the central government which is trying to partner with the international community to stabilize the country, which has been beset by two decades of conflict. Last January, Puntland announced that it will host a reconciliation forum to iron out the difference between the Federal government and its member states in mid-march at the request of president Farmajo.


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